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Bella birth – homebirth inspired mandala


Thanks for visiting!

I offer the following services:

  • pregnant belly casting
  • belly cast repairs
  • Breast Memory casting (pre-mastectomy)
  • henna tattooing
  • pregnant belly painting
  • birthing mandalas
  • Blessingway art and gifts
  • photography
  • original artwork
  • community art and murals
  • coffin painting

More comprehensive details about all of these facets of my work can be found on the drop down menu under the “services” tab. Please have a look around, and make contact if you have any questions.

Happy browsing!

2 Responses to Services

  1. Khea Tamura


    I was just wondering what type of paint you use for pregnant belly paintings and if its safe for baby.

    Thank you 🙂

    • admin

      hi darl,

      I use “cosmetic grade” body paint that is the same grade as eye shadow etc, so I am lead to believe it’s safe for baby!!!

      I also use 100% natural henna if that suits better.



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