Random Weaving Basket Workshop

I am pleased to say that me and the awesome Karen from Miss Kizzy’s have partnered up to offer you a gorgeous weaving workshop on Saturday 25th April. But beware ladies, weaving is seriously addictive!

Please see flyer attached. Tickets via https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/random-weave-basket-making-workshop-tickets-16113762698

I hope you can join us for a beauty full day together creating stunning baskets. (You’ll then be able to weave your asses off all year and make everyone their Chrissy presents!)

weaving flyer KIZZY final

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Blessingway Bliss

In the past few weeks, I’ve run some rather large Blessingways with 20+ gorgeous women! How divine to have such a large tribe of women supporting you as you approach a new life phase!

When I receive feedback about the impact of having a Blessingway, I always like to share it, as I often imagine how amazing women’s journeys to the birth altar would be if EVERY woman had a Blessingway!

“Dear Gypsy

Thank you so very much for guiding such a beautiful Blessingway last Saturday in celebration of my little bubba and my transition to motherhood.

The ceremony was very touching and the more I have reflected on it since last weekend the more I have taken away from it. I feel that the ceremony has really empowered me to enter the birthing process with confidence in my ability and instincts as a woman to birth my baby in a positive way.

It was beautiful to be surrounded by my ‘tribe’ of women, many of whom have been through this process before me and who I know will offer me support and guidance in the years to come.

Thank you also for sending through the photos – they have captured the day beautifully and I will certainly be printing some of them as keepsakes from the day.

I will be sure to keep you posted when our little bundle arrives!

Thank you again.

p.s – my henna is only just starting to fade so it has been a lovely reminder all week of how special last Saturday was!! My obstetrician and his student midwife also loved it at my checkup earlier in the week!!”

Belly hennaBlessingwayBelly henna

So often, when mamma’s call me to arrange their Blessingway, or a friend calls on their behalf, they are a little tentative about making the jump from “Baby Shower” to “Blessingway” in case their guests are out of their comfort zones. I am pleased to say, however, that by the end of the phone call, 99% (if not 100%) of them have relinquished control and have fully opened to the beauty of the Blessingway. Such a gift to open one’s heart to!

Blessingways are such a delightful, grounded and connected way to honour the amazing rite of passage that is pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Without fail, every time I do one, I remember how much I love my job!

I service the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Sydney regions.

If you’d like to make an enquiry or a booking, please do so via the contact tab. And remember, we do a male version of the Blessingway, called Father Rising ceremony…so Dad no longer needs to feel left out.




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That’s one happy Blessingway mamma!

I’m sitting here, way past my bedtime, with the biggest grin on my face. Why? Because a gorgeous mamma, off of her own back (without me even asking) just sent me this testimonial. Such gratitude!

Jessica’s Baby Blessingway at 34 weeks

“Discovering the option to have a Baby Blessingway or Mother Blessing as opposed to a Baby Shower really resonated with me.

I felt that it addressed all the transpersonal aspects of approaching motherhood and brought in a deeper sense around this profoundly special time. 

It was a fantastic way to connect me to my close friends, who were all at different stages of their lives, some mothers, some expecting and some with dreams of being a mother in the future. I was hoping we could all take something from it rather than just have a commercial celebration with cup cakes and games that was all about the baby and I.

Gypsy made the whole process seamless, from the moment of contact she suggested a time frame and agenda of how the ceremony would roll. This immediately put me at ease and made planning with the hostess a breeze.

Gypsy was flexible and incorporated my ideas so that we could put a personal spin on things. I already liked a lot of what she planned anyhow and she ensured that all would come together and fit within the time frame.

Gypsy had called me 3 times prior to the ceremony and we kept in touch by email. On the day I felt like I already knew her. She was very organized and warm.

I admit that at first I was nervous, but I was soon put to ease as I especially liked the way Gypsy opened up the ceremony by addressing peoples fears and concerns (if they were to silently be having any) asked guests to write down and burn their fears, followed by a smudging before we officially begun.

She embodied a strong directive approach yet created a spiritual and sensitive atmosphere, for me this balance was perfect and kept everything rolling well.

The ceremony was so special for me. We started by introducing our female ancestors and ourselves. Gypsy’s facilitation allowed us to hold a very sacred space to witness each other and ourselves. I felt safe and at ease.

 The set up was all there with beautiful candles, red twine and cards. Poems and sacred writings.

The highlight was when I had my belly henna’d by Gypsy, all my friends wrote down a positive word affirmation for the birth on a heart which was tied on to a red string and then written into the design we had agreed on for the belly henna.

I have this decorating my birthing space.

We all shared some food (everyone brought something healthy along) and feasted while Gypsy finished the henna. 

After eating my friends all presented me with that affirmation while Gypsy took photos of these moments some with joy and some touched me emotionally with tears. 

These photos have given me memories to treasure forever.

To finish off the ceremony we all laced a red twine around our wrists in a circle to connect us and I felt like we were in a sisterhood.  We were all connected and decided not to cut the red twine until labor had commenced.

I would highly recommend Gypsy to anyone who is looking for a alternative approach to recognising the transition into motherhood through a Blessingway.. Her skills are entwined together and the whole experience is one I will not forget. I feel honoured to have crossed paths with Gypsy and wish you the same experience for this special time of life. “

It’s kind of funny…I feel so blessed to be able to hold space for Mamma’s Blessingways/Mother Blessing ceremonies. It’s a complete honour to be invited into the space in the first place. So to get delicious feedback like this makes it all the more awesome! Goddess I love my job!

So if you are pregnant and are wanting something a little different to your average Baby Shower, perhaps a Blessingway / Mother Blessing ceremony is for you. I cover the Central Coast, Sydney, the Hunter and Newcastle areas. And remember, bookings of 2 hours or more receive complimentary photographs of the event. Check out here and here for more info.

Blessed be.

Gypsy x

Jess's Blessingway Jess's Blessingway

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Hen’s Night Henna

I think it’s safe to say that I feel privileged to be invited into ANY rite of passage ceremony…..but it’s pretty cool to be invited to help make a Hen’s Night a special occasion.

Last Friday I arrived at a luscious holiday rental at Copacabana on the Central Coast, to henna a bride-to-be, her gorgeous Mamma, and a few of her besties. We’d planned the designs in advance, so I arrived eager to get started.

Whilst the girls arrived from Sydney, my bride kicked back, sipped on some champas and snacked on some nibblies whilst I got to work on doing stunning henna designs on both sides of her hands, and her feet. They were a little Moroccan-esque with a hint of India. Superb!

Here are some snaps.

Hen's Night Henna Hen's Night Henna Hen's Night Henna


So if you are after a li’l something different to help make your Hen’s Night a beautiful night to remember..something that will last longer than just that evening, henna might be just the thing for you!

I can come to your home, holiday house or hotel, in Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions. I’ll work with you on the lead-up to your event, to help you decide on designs to match your taste and budget. For bookings of two hours or more (I often have a 2 hour minimum booking), I even include complimentary photographs, such as those featured above. So not only will you have a gorgeous henna stain that will last for days after your evening, but you’ll have great photos as well!

Of course, I cater for other events besides Hen’s Nights, including Blessingways/Mother Blessing ceremonies, birthdays, engagements, weddings and general parties.

For bookings, call 0406 502 715 or email gypsy@sacredhunger.com.au

Blessed be!

Gypsy x



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Genetic Mutation that can affect fertility, pregnancy and birth outcomes

Well it’s been quite a while since I last posted on here…..for MANY reasons. The main one relates to this very post 🙂

After decades of being tired (read “exhausted”) even after a good night’s sleep, it turns out that I have a genetic mutation! It’s known as the MTHFR genetic mutation, and upon investigation, it turns out that me having this genetic mutation and not knowing about it, could have had dire consequences for my pregnancy and the health of my daughter.

Put simply, this genetic mutation affects our ability to produce glutathione, which is our main antioxidant that helps us process toxins. It also renders those with the mutation unable to process folic acid….and we all know that most of us take folic acid whilst pregnant and lactating.

Because I had the gene mutation but was unaware of it, my daughter could have been born with autism or spina bifida (to name a few conditions) due mainly to my inability to absorb the folic acid.

Apparently the mutation can also be responsible for infertility, miscarriage and still birth, which is why I am telling anyone who will listen!!!

To be honest, I still do not fully understand the methylation process that this mutation inhibits, but a pretty easy-to-understand site can be found here: http://doccarnahan.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/mthfr-gene-mutation-whats-big-deal.html

What I do know is that the result of having the gene and not knowing, could be disastrous. And if you have been having troubles conceiving or birthing healthy babies, a simple blood test may unearth some answers. NB: even thought this is a SIMPLE blood test, MTHFR genetic mutations are not on most GPs radars, so do your homework and take them some information if you are called to investigate this further.

The doctor that I saw for my own diagnosis is Dr Kate Norris at the U Clinic in Surry Hills. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If not for her thinking outside of the box, I could have died young from stroke or heart disease, or our next bubba may have had health issues.

I am certainly no expert on this matter, but I would be happy to help you out where I can if you need some guidance around this mutation.

Please help by telling others!


Blessed be,

Gypsy x




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A golden “golden hour”!

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted on here! I’m so sorry. Life has gotten a little crazy busy. Keeping up with maintaining two websites and two Facebook pages is proving challenging LOL

(Have you checked out my other business? https://www.facebook.com/SacredHunger and http://sacredhunger.com.au/  And have you checked out and LIKED my Pickled Tink! Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/pickledtinkartwithheart )

But I’m back and I have some beautiful new pregnancy photographs to share with you. They were taken, rather rushed, at the end of a pregnancy workshop down in the Southern Highlands, run by the awesome Jane Hardwicke Collings from the School of Shamanic Midwifery, as we raced to catch the last beautiful rays of the “golden hour”.

Pregnant Beauty


So if you are pregnant and are after some beautiful photographs of your blossoming belly, give me a call. I generally service the Central Coast, Newcaste, Hunter Valley and Sydney regions, however, I am also in the Southern Highlands fairly regularly over the next 9 months, so I could manage a shoot down there too with adequate notice. Gift vouchers are also available.

Further details of my pregnancy photography packages can be found: http://www.pickledtink.com.au/photograpy/

Further images can be found: http://www.pickledtink.com.au/pregnancy-birth-and-beyond/

Blessed be.

Kim x


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The epic Four Seasons Journey

It’s been a while since I actually posted on here. Not because I have lost my passion for my first-born business, but because I have been mothering my feisty now 3 year old, birthing my second business Sacred Hunger (http://sacredhunger.com.au/), and also starting my longed-for year-long Four Seasons Journey[4SJ]  (http://www.schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com/School_of_Shamanic_Midwifery/Four_Seasons_Journey.html) with Jane Hardwick Collings from the School of Shamanic Midwifery (http://www.schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com).

It’s been pretty exciting starting the course. Here’s a short description, so you can see why! LOL

“A year long educational program, open to women of all ages and circumstance. The 4SJ offers students an in-depth opportunity to learn the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Midwifery, whilst cultivating a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Earth and the Divine Feminine. The curriculum is delivered via 6 face-to-face gatherings and 5 coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation) and is intended to add to each student’s abilities as woman, mother, healer, midwife, doula, birthkeeper, the understanding and skills to work in the inner shamanic realms – midwifing transformation for themselves and others on their journeys. Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Midwives – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.” 

The opening Gathering was amazing! I felt like I’d arrived home in many ways. My creativity was off the radar! Now I just need to find some time to paint my sketches LOL. (One example is below).

4SJ creation

Anyway…I am excited to have begun the journey, conscious of wanting to give it the attention it deserves, and being mindful of looking after my Self so that I can actually keep on doing all this stuff that I LOVE doing! So whilst my posts may be less frequent, please trust that I am still henna-ing like a mad women at Avoca Beachside Markets  (http://www.fixxevents.com.au/avoca-markets-info.html) and Shelley Beach Markets  (https://www.facebook.com/ShellyBeachMarkets), plastering, mothering, photographing, and working on my ‘deathie’ business, Sacred Hunger. Oh, and as always,  I am repairing and painting DIY belly casts too! It’s no wonder I am always tired LOL!

So Happy 2014 to you all. May the coming year be full of love, passion, realised dreams and deep connections.

Blessed be.

Kim x

My medicine drum created at 4SJ


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Death Cafe Central Coast featured on The Feed (SBS2)

Oh yes folks, last evening saw SBS’s feature on Death Cafe Central Coast on The Feed! And in a week of intense publicity, I have to say it’s up there in my top 2!

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7RHePCM7uI

It was also pretty damn cool though to be contacted by eHospice in the UK, asking to utilise some of my recent End Of Life photographs. So overall,  a pretty good week for this deathie! http://www.ehospice.com/ArticlesList/Startingtheconversationonsocialmediapart2073113061315/tabid/7834/ArticleId/5969/language/en-GB/View.aspx#.UfuVxaIwe5J



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Day of the Dead fun!

L40A3504 cropped

What a beautiful morning hanging out with the girls, painting ourselves up for a Day of the Dead style shoot for the local rag. Thanks Express Advocate for covering our story about the upcoming all-day Death Cafe in celebration of Dying to Know Day 2013.

Whilst we won’t be donning our Day of the Dead make up at the Death Cafe, we WILL be eating delicious goodies and drinking great coffee whilst we chat and explore the intriguing topic of death and dying. So come along and pop in. 8.30am-3.00pm at Hatters Tea House 281 Oceanview Rd, Ettalong. There’s be a facilitator on hand all day. See you then!




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Bridal Henna

It seems that the Universe is reminding me that I need to get my Bridal Henna Services “out there” as I have just taken two bookings in one day for weddings in the Hunter Valley in November 2013.

My fee for providing Bridal Henna is the same rate as my other henna services: $70 per hour, generally with a minimum of two hours (especially when travel to the Hunter Valley is required). In some cases where travel is required, such as to The Hunter Valley, a travel fee may be incurred. I aim to keep this as reasonable (and low!) as possible, as I understand and appreciate that getting married can be expensive!

When working with the bride-to-be, I usually request that images of designs that appeal to them be sent to me to assist me to estimate the overall cost of the henna. I generally like to over quote, and if it’s quicker than I think on the night, we just adjust the cost accordingly.  I usually ensure that I keep the rest of the day/night free after the scheduled booking, as in my experience, having henna done is contagious! Once one person has it done, others are drawn in to the wonder and beauty of the ritual, and before I know it, all the ladies (and girls) want one!

So whilst my availability for November is quickly diminishing, I have times available in the months either side.

So if you are about to be married in the coming year, and would like to have some Bridal Henna done, please call me. I am more than happy to consider travelling outside of my usual areas of operation, and to work closely with you to ensure that your pre-wedding henna experience is as delightful as I am sure your wedding will be.

For examples of my henna work, please see the gallery. Note, however, that the henna featured there has been left on the skin for varying amounts of time, and the shots taken at various stages after removal of the henna paste. In fact, different brands of henna have been used also. So there’s a few issues for consideration regarding the final “product”. I am of course more than happy to discuss this with you at a time convenient to you. My contact details can be found on the  “contact me” tab.

I hope to here from you soon…and congratulations on your coming wedding!


D.I.Y. henna over a lovely dinner with friends :)

Henna Tattooing (on my sweet self!)

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