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“Dying To….” workshops

“Dying To….” is a workshop series that will explore the many issues involved in death and dying, in the hope of expanding our views and experiences with death.

Interested in what others had to say about this workshop series? Well here’s some evaluation data! 🙂

87.5% of attendees said that attending the workshop affected their feelings about life, death and dying. One comment as to how was: “I feel more empowered to talk about death and dying and to make preparations for my own death or conversations with loved ones about their impending death when it occurs. This is such a relief and so empowering.”

75% of attendees said they felt “very” comfortable (emotionally, mentally and spiritually) during the event. 

When asked to list the 3 things they enjoyed the most, some responses included: “Sharing and listening to people’s stories of death” and “All of it – the style of facilitation – the passion of Kim – the place – the course design and content”

100% of attendees rated the overall facilitation of the event as 5/5

100% of attendees would recommend the workshop to friends/family . One comment was “so they too can feel empowered and heal from previous difficult deaths”

100% of attendees rated the cost and the venue as 5/5 

Some of the words used to describe the workshop experience included:

mind blowing
real, raw
heart opener

For more information either contact me via the CONTACT tab or call me on 0406 502 715

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I hope you can join me soon!

Love and light,


Dying To July Aug

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