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D.I.Y. belly casting packages

I do not sell “belly casting kits” because I believe that you have most (if not all) of what you need laying around at home….except the actual plaster bandages and render powder of course! And if there are a few things that you don’t have, I am sure a family member, friend or neighbour will have them and be happy to donate them to your cause :). Failing that, there’s always the local $2 shop.

The most important ingredient to create a strong belly cast, is quality medical grade plaster bandages and industrial grade render. Yes, you may be able to find craft grade plaster bandages and plaster-of-Paris at your local $2 shop (that’s what I learnt on), and it’ll be considerably cheaper than using medical/industrial grade supplies, however, the difference is huge! I have worked with both, and it’s like comparing beer and champagne!

So I figure you’re better off spending your money on the plaster and render itself, and scraping together the other stuff you need, for next to nothing. I have never used more than 5 rolls of plaster bandages…but I’m a pro….so I offer 6 roll packages which includes:

  • full CASTING instructions including photographs
  • 6 rolls of MEDICAL GRADE plaster bandages
  • enough INDUSTRIAL GRADE render for the inside AND outside of your cast
  • full RENDERING instructions including material data sheet
  • telephone support

Cost of package: $75 PLUS POSTAGE. Postage is generally about $15 for normal post, and a few dollars more for Express post.

Read a review of my plaster bandages here:

What is rendering? Rendering creates a beautifully smooth and sculpture-like finish on your cast, and adds hardness. It’s like rendering on a house.  I NEVER do casts without this awesome material. (It’s not “plaster of paris” which is too soft for the task)

How to order and pay? Please call Gypsy on 0406 502 715  to place your order. You will then be sent details on how to pay.

NB: There are a gazillion places on-line where you can purchase belly casting kits. I can’t speak for all of them of course, but the plaster I use is far better quality than some of the kits I have seen. The brand I use is GYPSONA. Dimensions: 7.5cm x 3.5m per roll.

Blank rendered cast

Blank rendered cast

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  1. Sarah

    Hi I am interested in purchasing the five rolls & rendering kit. I am 36 weeks so I need to get moving ha! I also want to use the final product for an assignment for my healing course so would l

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