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A golden “golden hour”!

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted on here! I’m so sorry. Life has gotten a little crazy busy. Keeping up with maintaining two websites and two Facebook pages is proving challenging LOL (Have you checked out my other business? and  And have you checked out and LIKED my Pickled Tink! Facebook page? ) But … Continue reading »

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Photographic SALE now on!

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A Good Death

It’s no secret to those of you who have thoroughly explored my page, that I dream of becoming an End of Life photographer. I have started to cringe when I hear myself say that, for I know that people think that’s weird……and I wonder whether potential customers have been put off utilizing my services due … Continue reading »

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Boudoir Beauty

My gorgeous model made this Boudoir shoot, which took place at the Mantra Resort at Ettalong (Central Coast), an absolute breeze, and so enjoyable! I arrived to find her suitable made-up and dressed, and once I got my equipment set up, I got to work adding some finishing touches, such as my vintage black lace … Continue reading »

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Raw beauty: my unedited, as seen through the camera, portrait series

Nowadays, nearly every professional photo we see has been retouched in some way.  Whether that be smoothing a few wrinkles….removing a pimple or some grey hair….or touching up things like exposure (where the original photograph is too bright, for example). After photographing gorgeous model Bek yesterday, in an atmospheric location on the Central Coast, it … Continue reading »

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Mamma’s favourites

I know I always say it, but i LOVE my job. I get to snuggle and cuddle newborn babies, and then photograph them looking gorgeous, so why wouldn’t I!!! Typically a “newborn” shoot takes place within the first 7-10 days of the cherub being Earthside,  so they are usually still sleepy, and all curled up, … Continue reading »

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Newborn headbands…

Well I’m off to a newborn shoot tomorrow, and instead of doing the whole floral headband thing, I’ve made my own slightly hippie one, using feathers gathered from my beautiful chooks! Thoughts? I’m thinking maybe the button needs to be smaller and a little higher, but we’ll see! (It’s hard when I don’t have a … Continue reading »

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Crazy Summer Special – Newborns

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Who wouldn’t love photographing newborns as delicious as this little man?

Most days I love my job, but last Sunday, I L.O.V.E.D! my job 🙂 And why wouldn’t I when my subject was this gorgeous little man?! I was due to photograph his arrival, but as is often the case, Bubba had his own plan, and it wasn’t to arrive in a manner that enabled me … Continue reading »

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