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Belly Casting Repairs

The pitfalls of inferior casting kits

Hello beauty-full people, Due to the fact that I have a studio FULL of D.I.Y. belly casts in dire need of hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, I feel compelled to write a little about this subject area. I assume that most people chose the D.I.Y belly casting option because belly casting kits can be … Continue reading »

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D.I.Y. Belly cast disasters turned into near-masterpieces

It would seem that there are LOTS of people out there who are trying to save a little cash by doing their own belly cast. I get that! With a new bub on the way, cash can be tight…and an imperfect D.I.Y. belly cast would be better than no cast, right? Only sometimes! I suppose … Continue reading »

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Custom artwork with TLC

I love a good belly cast! I’m a sucker for them. Even if it wasn’t me who did the original pregnant belly casting. The cast featured here came to me needing some real TLC. It was, for some reason, a cast made from a cast…a replica. It was a little flimsy, had tissue paper stuck … Continue reading »

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Price increases for casting

Hello lovely people, I am writing to let you know that whilst a few of my photography prices have come down this year, my belly and body casting prices are going up slightly from 31st January. This is due to the fact that when I set the current price list, my business was new, and … Continue reading »

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Get your rendering powder here!

Happy Thursday folks 🙂 I am again extending my range of belly casting products, to include rendering powder. Rendering creates the finish seen in ALL of my belly casts. Check out for examples. Rendering your D.I.Y. belly cast turns your “bandage” looking cast into a true work of art, more like a sculpture. It also … Continue reading »

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Get your medical grade plaster bandages HERE!

Hi everyone, On this deliciously stormy Monday spring evening, I am writing to let you all know (yes, every last one of you!!) that I am now selling medical grade plaster bandages. Soooooo…if you were wanting a pregnant belly cast as a gorgeous keepsake, but cannot afford the $170 it costs for me to do … Continue reading »

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Please never throw out a damaged or imperfect belly cast. Not EVER!

Did you decide to do a D.I.Y. belly cast and it turned out…shall we say…a little different to what you had hoped? Did your belly cast find its way into the bottom of a cupboard or wardrobe whilst you settled into early parenthood, and it still bears the scars? Did a drunken guest mistake your … Continue reading »

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