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Body Casting inc Breast Memory

Breast Memory – For the gorgeous women who are dealing with breast cancer and facing the prospect of a mastectomy, having a cast done is one way of preserving the memory of their pre-op body. For those women who have already undergone a mastectomy, casting may create a space to work with their new form….exploring….bonding….honouring……even grieving.

Having walked the journey that is cancer with my own beautiful Mamma, sensitivity, respect and gentleness is guaranteed. I would be honoured to journey a while with you.

I have recently done some very interesting work with a gorgeous fellow artist who had breast cancer some years ago and who had a mastectomy. I felt so privileged to be trusted to cast her still-beautiful one breasted chest. I suggested she observe the process in a mirror, predominantly to learn about the casting process…..but it turns out the emotional benefits of doing this far exceeded the practical learning aspect of doing so.

At some stage soon I shall get her to share her experience of doing this…..

In the meantime, here’s a beautiful testimonial from a courageous woman who was about to have a double mastectomy the day after I saw her to do a Breast Memory cast:

“Leading up to my double mastectomy I was trying to find a way to remember my body that was about to be so harshly damaged forever. Of course I had no choice about this surgery but I wanted a better way to have my memories than photos. I was a week from surgery and was told about Kim by my sister in law. She was described as very friendly and compassionate. So expecting to be too short notice, I contacted Kim and from there my whole experience was awesome. I never thought I’d be comfortable standing in just my undies in a strangers kitchen! But Kim made me feel so welcome, she never judged me, she included my husband in the process. She seemed to understand how emotional this was for us. We had lots of laughs too. She has continued to follow up with me too post surgery which is really nice. I would recommend Kim for this service no question. Well worth it.”

Cost: $300.00 (when done at my home in Ettalong)

I generally travel to Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Regions. Occasionally distances incur additional travel fees, though I do try to keep this to a minimum. Please, if you would like  to have a “Breast Memory” cast done before you have a mastectomy and money is an issue, call me to discuss this.

Breast Memory casting

Helping a husband take part

Helping a husband take part

Body casting – Having a special piece of artwork created from your own body can be a beautiful addition to your home ….not to mention quite a talking piece!! Just about any body part can be cast (but that doesn’t mean that we would WANT to cast all body parts LOL!) The most fun cast I have done is a WHOLE body cast whereby I lay my friend onto a beanbag and cast her from her toes up to her neck….and then 2 days later, placed her back into position, placing the cast back onto her, and then casting her face and head onto the rest of her body cast. It was so FUN…and a bit creepy for a second!!!

Check out this pic of a beautiful torso cast for a boudoir. Just gorgeous!

Body cast front view

Body cast front view





One Response to Body Casting inc Breast Memory

  1. Elizabeth

    I came across Pickled Tink’s website while searching for a fun idea/activity that I could surprise my partner with for Valentine’s Day. I booked Kim in for a body casting session to have my boobies done and my partner’s (very nice) bum cast. Her prices were super reasonable and after a brief conversation, I knew that she was the right person for the job as arranging an appointment was super easy and she was so flexible. As it was a surprise for my partner I wasn’t sure how comfortable he would be with it. However as soon as we met Kim her professional yet relaxed manner made us feel completely at home and at ease and comfortable with our partial nakedness. She was open to our suggestions though also clear in her directions and opinions. The finished rendered casts were ready and so kindly personally delivered by Kim to our home in Sydney within a few weeks. The finished products were amazing and exceeded our expectations. We had planned to paint them but they look so perfect and complete in there pure form that we’re frightened of ruining her incredible work!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim’s body casting services for anyone considering this unique medium.

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