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Blessingway Facilitation

“Rites of passage or initiations happen at various times of transformation in our lives. They happen whether we pay attention to them or not and serve their purpose of instructing and informing the initiate of their value and expected behaviour in their new role. The menarche (onset of menstruation), childbirth (for Mum and Dad) and menopause rites of passages are some of those too important to miss the chance they provide in welcoming, honouring and celebrating our journey through womanhood (and manhood)……Pregnancy and childbirth are hugely transformative experiences in our lives. They are our initiation into Motherhood (and Fatherhood), the summer of our lives. Each birth is a rite of passage…as we grow more babies so too do we.” Jane Hardwick-Collings

The Blessingway is one way to honour the transition into Motherhood and Fatherhood. Up until January 2015, however, I only offered Blessingways for Mamma’s. I wanted so much to run them for men, but I drew a blank as to what to put in them, truth be told! I also needed a suitable man to facilitate them…and he was not showing up! Just hours before a sacred ceremony I was participating in in early January however, I received the information required to build the ceremony, and a suitable man heard the call. Out of nowhere, the inspiration and the vehicle arrived!

So I am now happy to say that we offer our usual Blessingway for Mamma’s, as well as the male equivalent, The Father Rising ceremony. Yippee!!!

I hope we are blessed enough to run a ceremony for you soon.

Blessings on your pregnancy and pending birth!

Gypsy and Co.





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