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Henna Tattooing, Belly Painting and Blessingway Art

Humans have been adorning their bodies for centuries, painting, tattooing, piercing and decorating for aesthetic and ceremonial reasons. Today, body painting and henna (mehndi) art are finding there way back into our modern day ceremonies such as Blessingways and/or Mother Blessing Ceremonies. Of course these rituals have remained in many non-Western/indigenous cultural ceremonies, but their appearance in the West is certainly something that seems to be growing in popularity….and which in my opinion, is a beautiful thing! The ritual of adorning the body with art…using it as a canvas, if you will…..has the potential to be a sacred, deeply relaxing and meaningful experience.

I have been providing belly painting and henna tattooing for Blessingways/Mother Blessings, weddings and other ceremonies since early 2012. I service the Central Coast, Newcastle/Hunter and northern Sydney regions, as well as the Blue Mountains.

I mix my own 100% natural, lab tested, chemical free “body grade” henna which produces a lovely deep stain. I also use “cosmetic grade” body paints that product vibrant, radiant colours. Unless requested to do otherwise, I produce original works and create free-hand, without the use of transfers. I am happy to work with you to come up with a design of your liking, but I am also happy to do all the designing for you….once I know what you have in mind, of course!


1 hour, when close to my home, is $100.00. Bookings from further afield may incur travel charges OR the “2 hour minimum” may apply.

2 hours or more is $80 per hour. Some travel fees may apply.

****Bookings of 2 hours or more are offered COMPLIMENTARY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS of your body art and the event at which it takes place. These will be provided on disc for you to print yourself. The only thing I ask is that any images you’d like to use on social media sites such as Facebook be watermarked (which I will do for you).****

Where: It really depends why you are wanting body art. In most instances it’s preferable to do the body art at the location where the ceremony is taking place, as travelling with henna still on the body can be a challenge, as is the case with body paint (though a little less so). It’s also important that you are comfortable (physically, emotionally and mentally) in the location where the body art is applied, because the experience and not just the finished product is important.

Some photos can be found in the gallery…and some FAQs on the FAQs tab 🙂

The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to body painting and henna art…so get creative and give me a call.

I provide Bridal Henna Services to The Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Would you like to try your hand at doing your own henna? Check out

A NOTE ABOUT COSTS: I predominantly do this work for the love of creating beautiful things. The money is a bonus. If my prices are genuinely a little out of your price range, but you really want some of my work, please call me. I am happy to chat about this….maybe we can do a swap (of services) or I could vary a service to match your financial situation.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am now UNavailable until mid September 2015. 

With love,


Acceptance Mark

4 Responses to Henna Tattooing, Belly Painting and Blessingway Art

  1. Carolina

    Hi there:

    Im 31 weeks pregnant, and I’d love to have henna belly painting session, we are having a baby shower on sat 8 March, I thought was a great idea to have the session during baby shower, however can we negotiate about the price, not sure how long will take? I live in zetland (2017), baby shower will be in a near park.

    Please let me know 🙂



    • admin

      Hi Carolina,
      Thanks for your email.
      I am available on the 8th March at this stage.
      Please call me to discuss. I am out of mobile range Fri-Monday this week and next.
      0406 502 715

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