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…about Birthing Mandalas

  • What is a mandala?
  • “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle’. Essentially they are circular designs, used to focus the mind. (Google “mandala” to find out a whole lot more about these often sacred and stunning creations) Creating them can be a meditation in itself and they can capture and hold messages from our unconscious minds. They can also be used to meditate…or they can also just be a beautiful piece of artwork made with love and focussed attention.
  • How do you design the mandalas?
  • When I am designing a mandala for a Mamma, I usually like to chat with her first, to talk about her hopes and dreams for her birth and her Bubba. I then sit with this information until it is time to create! I then let go, and work intuitively, often creating without thinking, and yet trusting that it is all as it should be. If, however, a Mamma….or a Mamma’s friend/family member has a design/idea in mind, I am more than happy to work with that.
  • Can Birthing Mandalas be used as a Blessingway activity?
  • They most certainly can, and they are great for this. See “Blessingway Art and Body Art” under the Frequently Asked Questions tab.
  • Are gift vouchers available?
  • Yes.

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