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Belly Casting

Traditionally, belly casts are done with plaster bandages, which are then sanded back and painted. My casts are a little different!

I have been body casting since 2012! I start with medical grade plaster bandages, but then work with other mediums to create a cast that is like a sculpture….and more like a true work of art.  The surface is smooth to touch, but there are small bumps and impressions that look like a clay model. The finish is a very beautiful, true-to-life form.

Casts may take up to 3 months to complete due to the high volume of work I have to do. I am the only (and best) caster around! (Cheeky but true!! Lucky for you!!)


  • Breast and belly cast:  $400.00   This includes: the cast being done in my home;  the inside AND outside rendered; and both sides undercoated ready for you to paint/decorate yourself. Hands can be included in the cast as well. They cost an additional $50 per hand, due to extra time required to cast & render. They’re actually quite ‘fiddly’
  • Rendering:  Most rendering requests that I receive are for DIY casts that people want to pretty up or strengthen. Unfortunately, I have never received a DIY cast for rendering that has not required some structural improvements even before rendering can start. Rendering is NOT a substitute for foundational/structural strength, and rendering on a weak, damaged, or soft cast is a waste of money. Rendering only, with no attention to structural quality starts at $150.00. Generally, however, casts requiring rendering also need additional work on them to get them to the rendering stage.  So your “average” render actually starts at about $250 with strengthening work. Each case is different though, and I am happy to discuss options.
  • Belly bowl: $325.00. This includes: the cast being done in my home;  both sides rendered; “feet” for the bowl so it sits nicely; and both sides undercoated ready for you to paint/decorate yourself.
  • Art work (your design or mine): starts at $80.00.  Obviously more complex designs take longer to paint, and thus will cost more. It’s best that we discuss what you are after and then negotiate a price.
  • Casts done in your home: Personally I believe that having the cast done here at my home is the preferred option, as you just turn up, have your cast done, then head off home whilst I clean up the mess. Of course when I do house calls I provide drop sheets etc, but casting can be a little messy… I reckon leave the cleaning to me! Having said that, I will do call-outs if they are requested. Additional costs to cover fuel and travel time MAY be incurred however. Please contact me to discuss this option.
  • Repairs: I can do belly cast repairs, so please do not throw out an imperfect  home-made cast, or one that has been a bit battered in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere…at least not until I have cast my eyes on it!! (no pun intended) Prices vary according to what magic needs to be performed, so it’s best we chat about it and I at least see a photo of it first. Prices start at $250.00 (as they actually take more time than me casting from scratch!)
  • A NOTE ABOUT COSTS: I predominantly do this work for the love of creating beautiful things. The money is a bonus. If my prices are genuinely a little out of your price range, but you really want some of my work, please call me. I am happy to chat about this….maybe we can do a swap (of services) or I could vary a service to match your financial situation. I didn’t have a belly cast done with my bubba because it seemed so expensive at the time (in 2011 $235+ for an un-rendered cast, and I had to shop for all the materials myself) , and I deeply regret it. I don’t want other mamma’s to have that experience.
For more photos of belly casts, please see

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5 Responses to Belly Casting

  1. Bernadette Belford

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and was looking for someone to do a belly casting and decorations.
    how much would it cost to get a full cast and decorate it.

    • admin

      Hi Bernadette, Thanks for making contact. Congratulations on the ever growing bump!!! My bump is now 19 months old LOL. A belly cast is $170 without artwork. Cost of doing artwork depends on the complexity of the design. It’s best we chat about it. Can you call me? 0406502715 or text me your number and I’ll call you? Cheers, Kim

  2. kylie

    I was wanting to get gift voucher for belly casting pregnancy for a friend her birthday is Wed 🙂

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