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Belly casting

I have been belly casting and repairing for many many years now. And I do LOVE it, however, it’s time for me to stop.

I feel sad about that, because there is no-one I can really send mamma’s to instead of me, and I am reluctant to train up my staff to take this on, for the reasons listed below.  I also know that not-quite-right and damaged casts may have nowhere to go to be repaired now, and I so LOVED the satisfaction of being able to hand over a repaired cast to an elated Mamma who never thought the finished product was possible.

However, I have a daughter who is just 4, and I also have on-going health issues that require I be super healthy, as happy as can be, as free from unhealthy substances as is possible, and around on the planet as long as possible to be a part of her life.

Being a belly caster does have an effect on my health. I am supposed to wear gloves when I do the rendering, but I never do, ‘cos I could never “feel” well enough into the process and the gloves just felt like an unwanted barrier that I was not prepared to work with. And I am constantly dealing with and generating dust that is not healthy. If I was dealing with one cast, that would be different, but I deal with many. And I also work from home, exposing my family to these materials on an on-going basis.

So my seemingly out-of-the-blue decision to stop casting took me a little by surprise last week. But once it came into consciousness, it felt right. Writing this post is taking it that next step.

So I am sorry for my would-be-customers, but happy for myself and my family. My mum died of cancer when I was 34, and never got to meet my amazing daughter, and being an older Mum, I just want to do everything I possibly can to live to a ripe old age. Working with chemicals when I eat organic and detox daily is just such a mis-match.

The best alternative that I can offer is to supply DIY casting kits with links to full written instructions and safety data sheets for the renders used. I feel comfortable continuing to supply these because as a one off, the materials, when used as recommended and specified, are safe. It’s just the long-term exposure I am not comfortable with.

DIY kits can be found here. To order one, until Sept 15th, please call my colleague Raichyl on 0458 543 945 to place an order.

I have also decided to start running Belly Casting, Rendering and Repairing WORKSHOPS to teach others how to do it. So if this interests you, please let me know via – please put “casting workshops” in the subject field.  They will likely be up and running by Summer 2015.

Blessings on your pregnancy and pending birth if you are in fact pregnant!

May the winter months provide you with the opportunity to turn inwards to nurture and restore yourself before the new beginnings of Spring.

Love Gypsy xx







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