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Shameless! fully naked dinner

WOW! Our newest women-only offering is juicy! Check it out via

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The Deepening: Circling, Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Ceremony

Firstly we will engage in the authentic relating practice of ‘circling’, connecting with & witnessing what is ‘alive’ for ourselves & others…peeling back the layers…setting the scene for a sublime evening of heartfelt connection, authenticity and ecstasy! Then we will meet the Cacao Goddess! Cacao is a master plant teacher gifted to us by Mother Earth…Her … Continue reading »

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Random Weaving workshop

Hello beautyful tribe, On Saturday 21st April, the women shall gather! We will learn the beautyful art of random basket weaving. It is slightly addictive, grounding and yummy! Please come join us and weave your own amazing creation. Ettalong Beach…. Tickets are here

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The Deepening

Gosh! It’s been too long since I have logged on and updated you all! But that’s because……I am pregnant and have had a bit of a nightmare first trimester with rather persistent all day “morning” sickness! Anyway, here I am now, with bubba kicking in utero, with a moment to spare. My most exciting offering … Continue reading »

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The pitfalls of inferior casting kits

Hello beauty-full people, Due to the fact that I have a studio FULL of D.I.Y. belly casts in dire need of hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, I feel compelled to write a little about this subject area. I assume that most people chose the D.I.Y belly casting option because belly casting kits can be … Continue reading »

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Home coming…

After several months off “work” and mostly “off-line”, I am home! And it feels good to sleep in my own bed, bathe in my own bath, have a toilet that flushes, AND have a washing machine 🙂 Oh the things we take for granted! I was off creating memories for my four year old who … Continue reading »

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Winter is for hibernating!

It is with great excitement that I am letting you all know that I am taking the winter off! It’s been a really big 12 months in Gypsy-land, and it really is time to stop working, have some quality time with my daughter before she starts school next year, and just enjoy doing very little … Continue reading »

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School Holiday Henna Tattooing Workshops

If you know me, you know I LOVE henna tattooing AND I LOVE teaching people stuff! Sooooooo…..I have just scheduled 4 henna tattooing workshops for the Spring/Summer School Holidays. But they aren’t just for kids! I love mixing adults and kids together, ‘cos they can learn from one another 🙂 I have just added a “stay … Continue reading »

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Blessing way Bliss 2

Oh, I’m having another “I love my job” moment after receiving the following feedback from the beauty-full Mamma whose Blessingway I ran on Saturday…so I thought I’d share the love!! “Hi Gypsy, I honestly cannot find the words to thank you enough for the experience you created for me on Saturday. It was really one of … Continue reading »

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I’m off on Tour! (LOL)

Ok so I’m venturing up to the gorgeous Manning Valley, and taking my weaving and henna workshops with me! Here are the flyers. So if you live nearby, or have friends and family that do, I hope to see you there. Tickets via and Blessings, Gypsy x

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