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…about Paying

  • How do I pay?
  • All of my services/products require a conversation to ascertain exactly what is required. For this reason, I have not set up an automatic payment system where you can do so without first chatting with me. I know that this goes against the norm a little, and if I was more into money, I might set up a system where I could make the most of impulse buys! However, I’d prefer that my customers get just what they want/need, so you’ll need to email me or call and then once your needs have been ascertained, I can send you payment details.


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2 Responses to …about Paying

  1. Kate Walton

    Hi, I’d love love love to have some henna creation done on my pregnant belly, probably not till about mid June sometime. Interested in cost at this stage please. I’d be very happy for you to use my belly as a canvas, for inspiration something with a Maori influence?

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