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….about Blessingway Art and Body Art

  • Do you do body art?
  • I currently do belly/body painting (using cosmetic grade body paints) and henna.
  • What sort of things do you paint?
  • I can paint almost anything, though my passion is mandalas. I have designs you can look at for ideas, or you can provide designs. We’ll need to chat about this.
  • How could this be incorporated into a Blessingway ceremony?
  • I could come and paint  your belly before your Blessingway, and your guests could then add to the painting. For example, I could paint a mandala on your belly, and then your guests could write messages of love and inspiration onto the belly painting. I could then photograph your finished belly (or your guests could do that for you) and you could put the photos up somewhere for you to draw strength and power from during your birth.
  • Does the paint wash off?
  • Yes. It is cosmetic grade body paint that washes off with soap and water.
  • What henna designs do you do?
  • There are so many possibilities it’s almost endless! I have designs you can choose, or you can bring designs to me.
  • Does henna wash off?
  • No it does not wash off like paint. Essentially henna stains your skin, so it actually wears off … so you need to be OK with having it on you for a while!!
  • Where do you do the painting/henna?
  • The painting/henna can be done at any location where you would be comfortable sitting for the duration. However, it’s best to do it ‘on location’ i.e. where the Blessingway is to be held.
  • What other Blessingway art do you do?
  • I am able to create a group artwork that is created by your Blessingway guests, on the day. For example, for my own Blessingway, I created a big birthing mandala, and then invited guests to bring along an item/s in a ceratin colour to add to my mandala on the day. My gorgeous friends and family glued and sewed on such amazing little treasures ranging from flowers, to felt dolls and gem stones. I hung the mandala by the birthing pool (and Treya used to love to lay there and watch it when she was a little Bubba!)
  • The possibilities here are literally endless, so I suggest we chat. Basically I can create the basis of the artwork BEFORE the Blessingway, and you can complete it. I can also be there to facilitate the process i.e. to help those who deem themselves “not creative” to get in there, let go and have some fun!!
  • Are gift vouchers available?
  • Yes.

4 Responses to ….about Blessingway Art and Body Art

  1. Kerry

    I was wondering how much it would cost for my hands done in henna or paint. I am going to a Bollywood party on NYE and was hoping you would be able to come to my house the day before. It is also likely my friends may want it done at the same time.

    • admin

      Hi there, I charge $70 an hour for henna. It’s best that you give me a call to discuss your needs. Better still, email me some pics of the designs you have in mind so I can see them before we chat. If you want the henna for NYE, best apply 3 days prior for DARKEST stain on NYE (henna is its darkest 3 days after application). My number is 0406 502 715 so lets chat soon. Thanks 🙂

  2. Natalie Mohajerani

    Hi I wanted to enquire about getting a Henna Tattoo prior to my blessing way ceremomny on Sunday 2nd March, the Friday 28th before would suite me perfectly to come up and get it done. My due date 23rd March, so I would like to last as far as possible, and possibly retrace it myself to keep for the birth. I haven’t decided what to get yet, but Im hoping for something inspiration for the birth. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Natalie

    • admin

      Hi Natalie, Thanks for your email. I am actually away 28th Feb-3rd March, however, depending where you are, I could possible do early on 28th, or some time on 27th Feb. The henna actually darkens over 3 days, so this would actually be perfect timing! Call me! 0406 502 715

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