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About Birth Support Services (doula)

“I was apprehensive about having anyone else but myself and my partner at the birth of my child. I had a bad experience at the hospital in the lead up to my sons birth and I was recommended by a home birth midwife to hire a doula to help get me the birth I desired. So knowing Kim’s nurturing personality I thought there was no one else for the job and I was right. I had a very long labor and Kim was amazing, she inspired me when I was doing well and helped me regroup when it all got a bit crazy. She stood up for my rights and reminded me to eat and drink after every contraction. This is the reason I feel I labored for so long and felt so amazing. Anyway I could go on forever as she is one extraordinary woman and I was blessed to have met her through her photography work and not only have I now got the most amazing photographer/artist/doula in my life I have an amazing friend.” Bec



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