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…about Belly Casting

  • How long does a belly cast take to do?
  • The actual laying on of plaster takes approximately 30-40 mins, plus another 30 mins to dry. So by the time you arrive, have a chat, and a wee and get seated…and then clean yourself up and dress etc afterwards, I’d allow 1.5 hours in total, just to be safe.
  • What part/s of my body do you cast?
  • Personally I feel that casting the breasts and belly gives the best results. However, just a belly can be done.
  • If I cast my breasts, can I wear a bra?
  • Yes you can wear a bra, HOWEVER, you will see the lines of the bra through the cast (somewhat) and the best results really are achieved without a bra on. Actually, a boob-tube type bra is best. If you choose to wear a bra or boob-tube, wear an old/non precious one, and I will cover it as best I can in cling wrap to protect it from plaster. If you are shy, but would like to cast without a bra on, I’ll cast with my boobs out too if that makes you feel better! LOL (I’m serious). I can assure you, however, that I am so busy focusing on getting a lovely smooth finish on the plaster that I am not paying any attention to any bare body parts…and when you see a bra-less cast you’ll be glad you chose this option.
  • What else should I wear?
  • I do my best not to get plaster on your clothes, but sometimes this is inevitable. It is therefore best to wear (or bring) some clothes that are not precious. Mammas tend to be cast in their undies, and I provide a towel to wrap/drape over you to keep you covered an warm. If it’s cold, you may want to bring some cosy socks or your slippers! 🙂
  • Will I have to sit/stand for long?
  • You will need to sit/stand for 40-60 mins. If you are sitting, the chair I provide is an office chair with a high back, a comfy seat, and with some spring in it. If you are standing (this provides the “fullest” amount of belly to cast) you are advised to rest up against something (wall, chair, bench etc). Standing is not for everyone, so we’ll just work with your capabilities at the time.
  • Will I get cold/hot whilst casting?
  • One of the reasons I prefer to cast at my house is the fact that I cast right under an air conditioner so I can keep you nice and toasty in the cool months…and nice and cool in the hot summer months. I also use warm/hot water for casting, provide a cosy blanket around your shoulders once I have finished plastering and we are waiting for it to dry, and you can have a nice cool drink or a warm cuppa whilst you wait.
  • Can you take some photographs of me whilst I am being cast?
  • Of course I can! These are complimentary and will be emailed to you. With your permission, non-identifying photographs may be used for promotional purposes.
  • What materials are used on my skin?
  • You rub a thin layer of paw-paw ointment onto the areas being cast, so that your fine hairs do not get caught in the plaster. Only medical grade plaster bandages then touch your skin…like the ones a Dr would use if s/he were casting a broken bone. Cling wrap is also placed along your undies line and over a bra if you want to wear one.
  • Can I take my cast home as soon as it is dry?
  • You could, but I wouldn’t want you to! Many hours work is done to the cast after you leave and after it has dried for many days. It will be returned to you most likely 2+ weeks after your cast is done. This time may vary according to what you want painted onto the cast, and how busy I am.
  • Can you paint a design on the cast for me?
  • Of course I can! Please contact me to discuss your requirements and pricing. Turn around time for casts painted by me tends to be approximately 3 weeks. This allows ample drying time at each stage of casting.
  • How will I hang up my cast?
  • I will provide you with a dowel rod to hang your cast with. I hang it in a manner that puts the least amount of strain on the cast as possible.
  • How strong will the cast be?
  • The cast will be strong, but not indestructible! It’s core is plaster bandages, and then it is rendered and undercoated, with the inside being strengthened with adhesive. You will need to treat it with love and care and be careful not to bump it (especially edges) as it could weaken/crack over time. If you wanted to, you could coat it with epoxy resin, however, this is a costly undertaking, which is why I do not offer this service. I personally do not think that this is necessary, you just need to treat it like a valuable piece of art!
  • Can broken casts be repaired?
  • Yes, I can repair broken casts…or give unfinished home-made ones some love and a facelift. There is a limit to my talents, however!
  • Are gift vouchers available?
  • Yes.
  • How do I pay?
  • You will need to pay a 50% deposit once your cast has been booked. I will provide you with account details to enable you to either do an EFT (electronic funds transfer) or deposit the cash into my account at the bank. The remainder can be paid at the time of collection/delivery of your cast.

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