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About Belly Casting & Cast Repairs

“This women is amazing at what she does ♥…..  I contacted Gypsy about her belly casting prices, and I was so surprised when she told me how much they were. I looked everywhere on the Central Coast to have a belly cast done & I was about to give up and just buy a home DIY pack as everywhere was so expensive, but not Gypsy. She contacted me back the very same day with her prices and how she does them :) I love my cast so much.  I sent her in a photo of what I wanted painted on it….She did a fantastic job –  even my partner is in love with it. I would recommend Gypsy to anyone who would like to get a cast done. She is such a nice friendly person, she talked all the way through the casting. I’m a very shy person but getting the cast done wasn’t awkward at all because of how friendly she is :) -10/10 “  Bernadette

“I contacted Gypsy with my own DIY belly cast from 3 years ago, it was breaking apart and was in really bad nic , I didn’t really know what to do with it, and approached Gypsy to see if she thought it was fixable…Gypsy was responsive, and lovely to speak to, she returned my emails and calls promptly and with a friendly “I like a challenge” Gypsy got underway with the repair!! Gypsy kept me informed with what she was doing and got back quickly with a price. I really would have spent anything to have it fixed, Gypsy’s pricing is reasonable and it was worth every penny I spent…IT LOOKS AMAZING. Her personalised service is outstanding. I would recommend Gypsy’s work AKA her LOVE and passion to anyone. Thankyou Gypsy xox Lisa R xox ”

Belly cast split in half, restored to its former glory!

Belly cast split in half, restored to its former glory!


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