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The Deepening: Circling, Cacao & Ecstatic Dance Ceremony

Posted by on June 12, 2018

Firstly we will engage in the authentic relating practice of ‘circling’, connecting with & witnessing what is ‘alive’ for ourselves & others…peeling back the layers…setting the scene for a sublime evening of heartfelt connection, authenticity and ecstasy!

Then we will meet the Cacao Goddess! Cacao is a master plant teacher gifted to us by Mother Earth…Her gentle spirit beckons us to open our hearts…for it is via our hearts that we can access love, forgiveness, deep connection & presence.

We will, together, consciously brew our ceremonial-grade cacao, connecting with the Spirt of the Medicine… infusing it with our most tender, heart-felt prayers & intentions for healing…not just for ourselves… for all our relations and Pachamama herself!

We will then be gently guided to move ourselves out of our minds, & into our heart-space as we allow our bodies…our Souls…our very Selves to be danced… journeying to the heart of What is…opening to all that we are!

Please see this event as a deep, authentic, night-long celebration of all that we are. Circling is a ‘relational meditation’ practice that brings us into expanded presence, authenticity and intimacy with each other. The practice cultivates connection, spontaneity and a greater aliveness as we attune to the movement of life in ourselves and each other. Meeting with Cacao and moving into ecstasy via her medicine ways will heighten and deepen the unfolding. We feel blessed to be bringing this offering to our community.

Love Gypsy and Khali

PS there are only 25 tickets available…and early bird tickets are limited. Tickets can be found here

Need more info? Check out the eventbrite listing and if you don’t get your answers there, please email us:

Cost: $60 Early bird then $70 (plus booking fee)

Refund policy: No refunds

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