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The pitfalls of inferior casting kits

Posted by on September 29, 2015

Hello beauty-full people,

Due to the fact that I have a studio FULL of D.I.Y. belly casts in dire need of hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, I feel compelled to write a little about this subject area.

I assume that most people chose the D.I.Y belly casting option because belly casting kits can be purchased relatively cheaply on line when compared to the cost of having a belly cast done by a professional. For example, my own kits are $65 (plus postage) compared with $250 for me to do it.

However, and it’s a big “however”……the vast majority of cheaper kits contain inferior quality plaster…and/or not enough plaster…….and perhaps their instructions are not adequate, because I am seeing so many casts that are falling apart. Some are even bending in half, which suggests that perhaps the plaster was not wet and smoothed out adequately, nor the best quality.

Whilst I have not yet met a cast I could not fix, it saddens me a little to see the quality of such casts. It’s not the mamma’s fault, of course! But it’s just a tricky situation really…trying to save money v’s getting a good quality cast that will last a lifetime!

Some of the casts definitely were made using professional medical quality plaster, but the application has been inadequate.

In MOST cases, repairing and rendering costs a minimum of $200. When you add on what the belly casting kit was probably purchased for, you have hit my $250 casting fee. I am therefore suggesting that people aBEFORE: weak sidesbandoned the mission to save some money, and invest in a professionally created cast.

I am a mum, and I understand what it’s like to be on a budget (really!!) so I am happy to agree on payment plans, and you get your beauty-ful belly cast once you have paid it off. It will be solid and top notch!

Here are some examples of before and after shots of some of the repairs I have done….so you can see just what I am capable of. BUT….my repair and render fees are likely to be increased soon, to a minimum of $250.00 as they are actually more difficult and more time consuming to do that a cast done from scratch!repair underway










So if you need a repair done, please get in touch, but better still, call me BEFORE you even consider a D.I.Y. cast.

I service the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter and Sydney regions.


Gyps x


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