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Winter is for hibernating!

Posted by on June 27, 2015

It is with great excitement that I am letting you all know that I am taking the winter off! It’s been a really big 12 months in Gypsy-land, and it really is time to stop working, have some quality time with my daughter before she starts school next year, and just enjoy doing very little for the remainder of the Winter.

What that means for my customers is that everything is on hold, except for DIY casting kits which will continue to be dispensed by my awesome staff member, Raichyl! (thanks Raich)

For some seasonal musings & wisdom, from my beauty-full teacher Jane Hardwicke Collings, please see here.

So I am sending you all warm Winter blessings. May you and your loved ones create the time and space to go inward this Winter, to take stock and dream dreams that will take root and burst forth come the warmer months of Spring!

Blessed be,

Gypsy x

Bondi Red Tent

Bondi Red Tent



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