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That’s one happy Blessingway mamma!

Posted by on November 8, 2014

I’m sitting here, way past my bedtime, with the biggest grin on my face. Why? Because a gorgeous mamma, off of her own back (without me even asking) just sent me this testimonial. Such gratitude!

Jessica’s Baby Blessingway at 34 weeks

“Discovering the option to have a Baby Blessingway or Mother Blessing as opposed to a Baby Shower really resonated with me.

I felt that it addressed all the transpersonal aspects of approaching motherhood and brought in a deeper sense around this profoundly special time. 

It was a fantastic way to connect me to my close friends, who were all at different stages of their lives, some mothers, some expecting and some with dreams of being a mother in the future. I was hoping we could all take something from it rather than just have a commercial celebration with cup cakes and games that was all about the baby and I.

Gypsy made the whole process seamless, from the moment of contact she suggested a time frame and agenda of how the ceremony would roll. This immediately put me at ease and made planning with the hostess a breeze.

Gypsy was flexible and incorporated my ideas so that we could put a personal spin on things. I already liked a lot of what she planned anyhow and she ensured that all would come together and fit within the time frame.

Gypsy had called me 3 times prior to the ceremony and we kept in touch by email. On the day I felt like I already knew her. She was very organized and warm.

I admit that at first I was nervous, but I was soon put to ease as I especially liked the way Gypsy opened up the ceremony by addressing peoples fears and concerns (if they were to silently be having any) asked guests to write down and burn their fears, followed by a smudging before we officially begun.

She embodied a strong directive approach yet created a spiritual and sensitive atmosphere, for me this balance was perfect and kept everything rolling well.

The ceremony was so special for me. We started by introducing our female ancestors and ourselves. Gypsy’s facilitation allowed us to hold a very sacred space to witness each other and ourselves. I felt safe and at ease.

 The set up was all there with beautiful candles, red twine and cards. Poems and sacred writings.

The highlight was when I had my belly henna’d by Gypsy, all my friends wrote down a positive word affirmation for the birth on a heart which was tied on to a red string and then written into the design we had agreed on for the belly henna.

I have this decorating my birthing space.

We all shared some food (everyone brought something healthy along) and feasted while Gypsy finished the henna. 

After eating my friends all presented me with that affirmation while Gypsy took photos of these moments some with joy and some touched me emotionally with tears. 

These photos have given me memories to treasure forever.

To finish off the ceremony we all laced a red twine around our wrists in a circle to connect us and I felt like we were in a sisterhood.  We were all connected and decided not to cut the red twine until labor had commenced.

I would highly recommend Gypsy to anyone who is looking for a alternative approach to recognising the transition into motherhood through a Blessingway.. Her skills are entwined together and the whole experience is one I will not forget. I feel honoured to have crossed paths with Gypsy and wish you the same experience for this special time of life. “

It’s kind of funny…I feel so blessed to be able to hold space for Mamma’s Blessingways/Mother Blessing ceremonies. It’s a complete honour to be invited into the space in the first place. So to get delicious feedback like this makes it all the more awesome! Goddess I love my job!

So if you are pregnant and are wanting something a little different to your average Baby Shower, perhaps a Blessingway / Mother Blessing ceremony is for you. I cover the Central Coast, Sydney, the Hunter and Newcastle areas. And remember, bookings of 2 hours or more receive complimentary photographs of the event. Check out here and here for more info.

Blessed be.

Gypsy x

Jess's Blessingway Jess's Blessingway

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