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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Belly casting with a difference

Traditionally when we think “belly cast”, we think of a deliciously round baby bump….and that’s what we casters tend to work most on. But obviously you can cast just about any body part, and my most recent job is a great example of body casting. I was approached by a beautiful, wild 55 year old … Continue reading »

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Who wouldn’t love photographing newborns as delicious as this little man?

Most days I love my job, but last Sunday, I L.O.V.E.D! my job 🙂 And why wouldn’t I when my subject was this gorgeous little man?! I was due to photograph his arrival, but as is often the case, Bubba had his own plan, and it wasn’t to arrive in a manner that enabled me … Continue reading »

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Get your rendering powder here!

Happy Thursday folks 🙂 I am again extending my range of belly casting products, to include rendering powder. Rendering creates the finish seen in ALL of my belly casts. Check out for examples. Rendering your D.I.Y. belly cast turns your “bandage” looking cast into a true work of art, more like a sculpture. It also … Continue reading »

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