A golden “golden hour”!

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted on here! I’m so sorry. Life has gotten a little crazy busy. Keeping up with maintaining two websites and two Facebook pages is proving challenging LOL

(Have you checked out my other business? https://www.facebook.com/SacredHunger and http://sacredhunger.com.au/  And have you checked out and LIKED my Pickled Tink! Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/pickledtinkartwithheart )

But I’m back and I have some beautiful new pregnancy photographs to share with you. They were taken, rather rushed, at the end of a pregnancy workshop down in the Southern Highlands, run by the awesome Jane Hardwicke Collings from the School of Shamanic Midwifery, as we raced to catch the last beautiful rays of the “golden hour”.

Pregnant Beauty


So if you are pregnant and are after some beautiful photographs of your blossoming belly, give me a call. I generally service the Central Coast, Newcaste, Hunter Valley and Sydney regions, however, I am also in the Southern Highlands fairly regularly over the next 9 months, so I could manage a shoot down there too with adequate notice. Gift vouchers are also available.

Further details of my pregnancy photography packages can be found: http://www.pickledtink.com.au/photograpy/

Further images can be found: http://www.pickledtink.com.au/pregnancy-birth-and-beyond/

Blessed be.

Kim x


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The epic Four Seasons Journey

It’s been a while since I actually posted on here. Not because I have lost my passion for my first-born business, but because I have been mothering my feisty now 3 year old, birthing my second business Sacred Hunger (http://sacredhunger.com.au/), and also starting my longed-for year-long Four Seasons Journey[4SJ]  (http://www.schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com/School_of_Shamanic_Midwifery/Four_Seasons_Journey.html) with Jane Hardwick Collings from the School of Shamanic Midwifery (http://www.schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com).

It’s been pretty exciting starting the course. Here’s a short description, so you can see why! LOL

“A year long educational program, open to women of all ages and circumstance. The 4SJ offers students an in-depth opportunity to learn the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Midwifery, whilst cultivating a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Earth and the Divine Feminine. The curriculum is delivered via 6 face-to-face gatherings and 5 coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation) and is intended to add to each student’s abilities as woman, mother, healer, midwife, doula, birthkeeper, the understanding and skills to work in the inner shamanic realms – midwifing transformation for themselves and others on their journeys. Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Midwives – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.” 

The opening Gathering was amazing! I felt like I’d arrived home in many ways. My creativity was off the radar! Now I just need to find some time to paint my sketches LOL. (One example is below).

4SJ creation

Anyway…I am excited to have begun the journey, conscious of wanting to give it the attention it deserves, and being mindful of looking after my Self so that I can actually keep on doing all this stuff that I LOVE doing! So whilst my posts may be less frequent, please trust that I am still henna-ing like a mad women at Avoca Beachside Markets  (http://www.fixxevents.com.au/avoca-markets-info.html) and Shelley Beach Markets  (https://www.facebook.com/ShellyBeachMarkets), plastering, mothering, photographing, and working on my ‘deathie’ business, Sacred Hunger. Oh, and as always,  I am repairing and painting DIY belly casts too! It’s no wonder I am always tired LOL!

So Happy 2014 to you all. May the coming year be full of love, passion, realised dreams and deep connections.

Blessed be.

Kim x

My medicine drum created at 4SJ


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Death Cafe Central Coast featured on The Feed (SBS2)

Oh yes folks, last evening saw SBS’s feature on Death Cafe Central Coast on The Feed! And in a week of intense publicity, I have to say it’s up there in my top 2!

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7RHePCM7uI

It was also pretty damn cool though to be contacted by eHospice in the UK, asking to utilise some of my recent End Of Life photographs. So overall,  a pretty good week for this deathie! http://www.ehospice.com/ArticlesList/Startingtheconversationonsocialmediapart2073113061315/tabid/7834/ArticleId/5969/language/en-GB/View.aspx#.UfuVxaIwe5J



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Day of the Dead fun!

L40A3504 cropped

What a beautiful morning hanging out with the girls, painting ourselves up for a Day of the Dead style shoot for the local rag. Thanks Express Advocate for covering our story about the upcoming all-day Death Cafe in celebration of Dying to Know Day 2013.

Whilst we won’t be donning our Day of the Dead make up at the Death Cafe, we WILL be eating delicious goodies and drinking great coffee whilst we chat and explore the intriguing topic of death and dying. So come along and pop in. 8.30am-3.00pm at Hatters Tea House 281 Oceanview Rd, Ettalong. There’s be a facilitator on hand all day. See you then!




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Bridal Henna

It seems that the Universe is reminding me that I need to get my Bridal Henna Services “out there” as I have just taken two bookings in one day for weddings in the Hunter Valley in November 2013.

My fee for providing Bridal Henna is the same rate as my other henna services: $70 per hour, generally with a minimum of two hours (especially when travel to the Hunter Valley is required). In some cases where travel is required, such as to The Hunter Valley, a travel fee may be incurred. I aim to keep this as reasonable (and low!) as possible, as I understand and appreciate that getting married can be expensive!

When working with the bride-to-be, I usually request that images of designs that appeal to them be sent to me to assist me to estimate the overall cost of the henna. I generally like to over quote, and if it’s quicker than I think on the night, we just adjust the cost accordingly.  I usually ensure that I keep the rest of the day/night free after the scheduled booking, as in my experience, having henna done is contagious! Once one person has it done, others are drawn in to the wonder and beauty of the ritual, and before I know it, all the ladies (and girls) want one!

So whilst my availability for November is quickly diminishing, I have times available in the months either side.

So if you are about to be married in the coming year, and would like to have some Bridal Henna done, please call me. I am more than happy to consider travelling outside of my usual areas of operation, and to work closely with you to ensure that your pre-wedding henna experience is as delightful as I am sure your wedding will be.

For examples of my henna work, please see the gallery. Note, however, that the henna featured there has been left on the skin for varying amounts of time, and the shots taken at various stages after removal of the henna paste. In fact, different brands of henna have been used also. So there’s a few issues for consideration regarding the final “product”. I am of course more than happy to discuss this with you at a time convenient to you. My contact details can be found on the  “contact me” tab.

I hope to here from you soon…and congratulations on your coming wedding!


D.I.Y. henna over a lovely dinner with friends :)

Henna Tattooing (on my sweet self!)

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Dying To Know Day all day Death Cafe!

As the 8th August draws near, I can hardly contain myself! Not just because we are running the first all day Death Cafe, but because I have great hopes for Dying To Know day!

Can you keep a secret?

Next year I plan to make it Dying To Know WEEK!

Please drop in whenever you can throughout the day. Cost is “by donation” and food and drink can be ordered and paid for on the day via the lovely Hatters staff.

I hope you can join us!

Death Cafe Aug 2013


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Death Cafe Central Coast is a SUCCESS!

I am pleased to announce that the Central Coast’s first ever Death Cafe was a huge success!

22 people attended (23 including me) and the lovely Nick McDougal from SBS Television even turned up to film the event for a feature on The Feed!

There was not a tear in sight all evening, and laughter and chatter filled the places that some may assume a morbid vibe might reside.

Here’s a snapshot of the feedback received:

  • 94.8% of those completing evaluations rated the event overall as 4/5 or above (5 being “excellent”).
  • 60% of those who clearly answered the question, said that attending this event affected their feelings about death and/or life.
  • 81.3% of those who clearly answered the question regarding how well the structure of the discussion at the Death Cafe worked, rated 4/5 or above (5 being “very well). And 15.8% of people suggested that “more time” would be better.
  • 86.6% of people clearly answering the question rated the overall quality of the facilitation of the event as 4/5 or above (5 being “excellent”) with the most popular suggestion for improvement being “more time”.
  • 93.8% of those clearly answering the question, rated the overall quality of the food and beverages as 4/5 or above (5 being “excellent”).

The most common words used to sum up the event were:
1. “open/openness” (most popular)
2. “Friendly/very friendly”
3. “Honest/honesty”
4. “welcoming/very welcoming”

Others included: encouraging, invigorating, comforting and stimulating (and many many more!)

  • 89.5% of responses were clearly encouraging of others who might be considering attending a Death Cafe.

Overall, a GREAT first Death Cafe. And whilst we cannot please all the people all the time, there are certainly some areas where we can make some improvements.

Thank you Hatters Tea House and Annie for being such a great venue and host. We love you!!!!!

Want more? Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/deathcafecentralcoast/  and https://www.facebook.com/groups/doulasforthedying/

June Death Cafe Group Photo

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Death Cafe, here we come!

This evening sees the Central Coast’s first ever Death Cafe. I’m a little bit excited!! We have about 20 people attending, and much interest from others who cannot attend this evening’s event.

http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/central-coast/death-cafe-at-ettalong-beach-focuses-on-darkest-fears-of-death-and-dying/story-fngr8h0p-1226661335181Death Cafe June 2013

Watch this space for feedback and photos of what I am sure will be an “anything but morbid” night!

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Photographic SALE now on!

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D.I.Y. Belly cast disasters turned into near-masterpieces

It would seem that there are LOTS of people out there who are trying to save a little cash by doing their own belly cast. I get that! With a new bub on the way, cash can be tight…and an imperfect D.I.Y. belly cast would be better than no cast, right?

Only sometimes!

I suppose that I don’t see the D.I.Y. Belly Cast successes, because they are hanging proudly on a bedroom wall somewhere, not in need of T.L.C. The disasters, however…well, they find me all the time! And thank Goddess, ‘cos the thought of a cast being thrown away just breaks my heart, and they can be fixed. Having said that, sometimes fixing them is harder than doing them from scratch. More often than not, truth be told.

It would seem that DIY casting kits are either providing poor quality plaster, not enough of it, or inadequate instructions on how to do a belly cast that is strong. ( Or all 3!!) The broken belly casts that are brought to me are too thin, flaking, and structurally unsound, and often when I start to work on them, they crumble and give way even more. It is becoming commonplace for me to have to actually re-plaster with bandages  to create enough stability to be able to  start improving on the overall structure and it’s appearance. It’s less work for me to cast from scratch….and eventually I’ll toughen up and start charging accordingly!

The cast featured in the image below is a prime example of this. It was obviously structurally unsound, but at first glance it appeared as though rendering inside and then out may do. But once I started working on it, it caved in under the weight of the new materials! I then had to re-plaster and then re-render. Whilst the finished product is obviously a massive improvement, and worthy of being hung on a wall and admired, you can still feel that it’s core is slightly unstable, and not a lot can be done about that. I have no doubt that if hung and left in position on a wall, this cast would last for decades, but I am not sure whether it will get to meet the grandchildren  of the bubba it captured in utero!

This situation is one of the reasons that I do not sell D.I.Y Belly Casting Kits myself, but prefer to sell just the plaster.

And this situation is a great example of why I am appealing to Mammas who want their belly casts to be a true and lasting piece of artwork, to consider NOT doing it themselves. When you do the math, buying a D.I.Y cast and then paying to repair the imperfections probably amounts to nearly the same as having the cast done by me in the first place.

My belly casting services and belly casting repair services extend to Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

Belly cast repairs





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